We are on our Journey to 1,000 Jobs!

Cara Staff

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

This quote has always stuck with us as an important reminder of what to do when our big goals overwhelm us. Sometimes you just need a friend, a cara, to remind you to simply take the next step.

Like when our participants feel – after being thrown another of life’s curve balls – they are at the end of their rope, our community says in response, “Tie a knot and hang on!”

What you do in support of this mission helps give us the fuel to be there for our participants, not just when the going gets rough, but when the opportunity is so close, we just need that extra push to seize it.

Take Mikeal – a strong, smart, and incredibly talented woman who found herself struggling to bounce back after downsizing cost her a career she was just beginning to build.

Or Deb – a warm, funny, and kindhearted woman who was left homeless after years of trying to keep her head above water in the gig economy.

Or Joseph – a motivated and friendly military veteran who found himself attempting suicide as he was succumbing to his demons.

To get this right for Mikeal, Deb, and Joseph – and the whole community around them – we are embarking on our biggest goal yet – our Journey to 1,000 Jobs. That’s right. We want to secure 1,000 jobs this year for people who need them.

View our most recent update and how your contribution is put to work!

Mikeal got the job! She was our 111th permanent job placement with her new role at UChicago Medicine earlier this December!

Will you help someone like Mikeal find a job and get back on their feet? A donation of any amount will help a struggling person by getting them employed and started on their path to true life transformation. Click here to join our Journey to 1000 Jobs. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Keep checking back here all year long for continued updates, stories, and more as we continue our Journey to 1,000 Jobs!