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We stand firmly in a moment of pride and possibility.

Cara Staff

The following is excerpted from the Better Chicago Together Transition Report written by the transition committees of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and submitted on May 17, 2019 ahead of her inauguration. The below is from the committee on Business, Economic, and Neighborhood Development, which was co-chaired by Cara President & CEO Maria Kim. Click here to read the full report, including recommendations for the Mayor’s administration. More…

A Mother’s Pride

Cara Staff

To the thousands who come to Cara each year to transform their lives, Jesse Teverbaugh is a figure of strength and compassion; a father or brother to those who are deeply in need of family. But to one person – Joyce Teverbaugh-Teasley – he is a son. More…

A Mother’s Inspiration

Cara Staff

In 2014, Regina was ready for her next chapter. She had spent years struggling with addiction and, after an arrest, had lost custody of her children. She was living in a half-way house and wanted to make a positive change. A friend told her about Cara and it sounded exactly like what she needed. More…

A Mother’s Determination

Cara Staff

Annietha is a proud mother of seven children, including two that she adopted after their parents were unable to raise them. She is motivated by her role as a mother and will attest that her family is the source for her persistence, particularly as she faced dire times. More…