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We stand firmly in a moment of pride and possibility.

Cara Staff

The following is excerpted from the Better Chicago Together Transition Report written by the transition committees of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and submitted on May 17, 2019 ahead of her inauguration. The below is from the committee on Business, Economic, and Neighborhood Development, which was co-chaired by Cara President & CEO Maria Kim. Click here to read the full report, including recommendations for the Mayor’s administration. More…

Dollie’s Destiny

Cara Staff

If you’ve ever visited Cara, there’s no doubt you’ve received an enthusiastic, friendly welcome from our Administrative Assistant, Dollie. Bright, energetic, and boasting a louder-than-life persona, Dollie is the perfect encapsulation of the spirit of Cara. She is both a friend to her fellow staffers and a teacher to the Cara participants she trains on security and reception. More…

Perspective by Elisa Spain

Elisa Spain

Last week I attended Tribute to the Stars, a Cara event celebrating students of achievement. The name Cara might be familiar to you, as each year on Giving Tuesday you hear from me asking you to join my match for this wonderful organization that supports people through the process of “getting their lives back.” More…