Meet Ebony

Cara Staff

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

I am proud to have served my country for two years in the Navy. But after my service ended, I needed to figure what was next for me. It took some time, jumping from one temporary job to the next, before I chose to pursue a career in carpentry.

“Unfortunately, it turned out to be the wrong path for me; I started developing some health issues. My allergy to dust in the wood shop ultimately drove me to seek another opportunity. That’s when I got the chance to join Cleanslate.

“Before joining the Cleanslate crew, I never thought of myself as much of an attention seeker; but I quickly grew to appreciate the people who stop and say hello, provide encouragement, or honk their horns cheering for me when I am on a route. When I put my Cleanslate uniform on in the morning, I feel good because our work makes an impact in communities across Chicago.”

Ebony was such an incredible Cleanslater from the very start that our Cleanslate leadership team didn’t hesitate to offer her a full-time position as a Crew Chief. We are so grateful she said yes to joining our staff and that she continues to share her leadership with us today.

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