Provide Emergency Funding to a Cara Participant

Thank you for your support of Cara. We are facing an unprecedented emergency, and the motivated job seekers who come to Cara are among the most affected by the impact of COVID-19. That is why we need the support of our Cara community now more than ever.

As the economy shifts in response to the global pandemic, we have augmented our services to provide emergency assistance to our participants and alumni. As Cara prepares to enter a new phase of crisis response and return to our campuses, we are asking for your help once again. Would you please consider a gift of any amount to help ensure the safety of our staff, participants, and interns? Every dollar makes a difference in these difficult times and helps keep our participants — those employed, recently laid off, or in the midst of their job search — on their pathway out of poverty. Thank you.

Updates on Cara in the Time of COVID-19

177 Jobs

Cara participants have been placed into 176 jobs since the pandemic - including 68 Cara Connects assignments, 60 Cleanslate internships, 35 jobs with Cara employment partners, and 14 jobs through independent job search.

85 People

Currently, 85 active Cara participants are experiencing a lay off, furlough, or a reduction in hours related to the COVID pandemic. This number does not include Cara alumni who have achieved one year on the job prior to the pandemic.

143 Contributions

Since launching our Emergency Fund, Cara has received 143 individual financial contributions from donors seeking to keep a motivated job seeker on their pathway out of poverty.


Since launching our Emergency Fund, Cara has received requests for assistance totaling $54,800 from people directly impacted by COVID-19. These requests are for support with utilities, groceries, and rent, among others.

203 New Participants

As of March, 203 new participants have started their Cara journey either through virtual trainings and services or by starting a transitional job with our social enterprises Cleanslate and Cara Connects.

612 Active Participants

Cara is currently serving 612 active participants including job seekers, people in transitional employment, employed participants being coached on their first year on the job, and people utilizing career advancement services, among other resources.

*All data as of August 10, 2020