Meet Corneisha

Cara Staff

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I’d always been a happy, outgoing person, but I was heading down a road of destruction. I was surrounded by nothing but negative people. I didn’t take anything seriously. I needed structure to be a better me and to take life more seriously.

“My rock bottom was looking in a mirror and not knowing who was looking back at me. All the things I used to love doing – drawing, singing, dancing – I didn’t like anymore.

“I was ready to set goals in my life and learn how to accomplish them.

“My first impression of Cara was that this did not seem like a job training program. There was singing and cheering and clapping. It was so strange, but I liked it.

“When people come to Cara, we are all going through things. But our energy and the way we interact with people can be so changing. You can complement somebody or simply say ‘good morning’ and that will motivate and lift their spirits up. To see somebody smile and feel good and to know I did that is awesome.

“Today, I’m not afraid. I don’t hold back. I don’t hesitate. Cara taught me I deserve the best. I deserve everything this world has to offer. Now I know my worth and my value. And I can be whoever I want to be!”

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