Meet Deb

Cara Staff

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I was working in the gig economy as a food delivery driver and I got into an accident. The company I was working for didn’t help at all and I was living paycheck to paycheck already. So, I fell behind on my bills and I just couldn’t keep up. I soon became homeless.

“It’s easy to take so much in life for granted.

“Being homeless isn’t glamorous. It was scary. I was moping around under a big rain cloud, trying to convince myself to go to the library and apply for jobs. But I had no one to help me and I was constantly telling myself, ‘You are never going to get a job.’

“Right from the very beginning of Cara, I was hooked. I loved the clapping. I loved the singing. I knew Cara was for me.

“Today, I’m a lot more hopeful than I was. I know deep down I’m a good person. It’s easy to get down on myself. But an employer would be lucky to have me, and that’s good to remember.

“Thanks to Cara, I have a community that is so encouraging and having a place I can come to every day means a lot. Knowing that people want to help is a great experience, and I’m really grateful.”

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January 14, 2019
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