Meet Ebony

Cara Staff

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I am a veteran of the Navy. I served for two years.

“After serving, I went from job to job with different temporary agencies figuring out what to do next. I became a carpenter and built cabinets and furniture, but it wasn’t really what I expected or wanted. I had hoped to start building houses. One day, I want to be a property manager.

“While becoming a carpenter, I started to develop some health issues. I learned that I was allergic to dust and a wood shop is nothing but dust. So, I ended up leaving. It just wasn’t working out. 

“That’s when I saw a good opportunity to come to Cleanslate.

“I like my work at Cleanslate because we make an impact in different communities. I’m usually not an attention seeker, but I like that when people see us on the streets, they stop and say what’s up, good job, or honk their horns trying to encourage us. I really like that part because it makes me feel good about what I’m doing.

“I’m amplifying my voice to make an impact in our community.

“When I put on my Cleanslate uniform, I feel good. I feel a part of the street sanitation in Chicago. I wish I would have known about Cleanslate when I was younger.

The most challenging part of working at Cleanslate is the different personality types. I am an introvert, so I wasn’t used to dealing with a lot of people all of the time. Extroverted people have  different, big personalities, but I am starting to love being around them. I haven’t gotten out of my comfort zone to go into the Motivations circle yet, but maybe I will soon.

“At 18 years old, this would have been a great opportunity to grow in, but I’m happy I served my country in the Navy. I am commendable, loyal, and trustworthy.”

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