Meet LaVonne

Cara Staff

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I moved back home to Chicago from Arkansas. I came back to regroup from a bad situation, get myself together, and get back to work. But, I needed help searching and getting that job opportunity.

“A family member told me about Cara and how they could help me with job searching but also with my personal goals too. My personal and professional goals go hand in hand – something I didn’t even think about before coming to Cara.

“When I came to Cara, I quickly learned that it is a hard program if you are improving yourself. If you actually put in what you need to for the Cara community to help you, it is a hard but rewarding journey at the end. You get everything you could want and think about out of life.

“The biggest lesson I have learned is to be me and not to doubt myself anymore. I am the best me, and I want the best that life has to offer. I am a compassionate, outgoing, well-rounded person. I have a bubbly personality, and I can get along with anybody. 

“I want people to be comfortable in their own skin. I am starting to be comfortable in my own skin again.

“I am amplifying my voice to spread knowledge.

“My dream job is to be in customer service. I have the experience and skills. I see myself at the East Bank Club where I interviewed. Fingers crossed! I am waiting for that opportunity. I believe this is going to be it.

“I want to be in customer service because I am a people person who gets along with everyone from different cultures and backgrounds. People motivate me to motivate them.

“I don’t need to change people’s minds, but I want to help them make their day good if they are having a bad one. They don’t necessarily have to remember my name, but they may remember me in some type of fashion.”