We work with those whose motivation matches ours

By sharing the same goals as Cara, the synergy created among all partners powers success. We align with a variety of social service and government agencies, local shelters, and community organizations to identify motivated individuals who are ready to take the next steps towards long-lasting success. Here are a few of the inspired, compassionate, and motivated we are proud to call partners:
Gather, Learn, & Be Transformed
The next time you’re at your local Chicago Public Library (CPL), you may see a member of Cara’s Recruitment team speaking with a fellow library patron and job seeker.  Thanks to a strong partnership with CPL and its network of 80 branches located throughout the city, Cara is able to widely promote our professional development resources to people who need them.
Building Lives & Communities
The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), which provides temporary benefits such as SNAP and TANF, is a destination for many people facing financial difficulty.  As such, they are a natural referral partner and Cara’s workforce training program has helped many IDHS clients find a job and go on to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
Faith, Love, Transformation
As the oldest rescue mission in Chicago, the Pacific Garden Mission provides housing to men and women experiencing homelessness due to job loss, domestic violence, addiction, and other circumstances. Through our partnership, Pacific Garden Mission refers their motivated residents to Cara when they are ready to seek employment.
Supporting & Stabilizing Families
In addressing the needs of vulnerable children and their families, the Chicago Child Care Society often refers people to Cara who seek employment in order to support their families. This partnership also allows Cara staff to refer participants who seek early childhood education programs to utilize Chicago Child Care Society’s services.
A Place of Pride
Cara is proud to partner with SisterHouse, a faith-based organization that offers temporary housing to women seeking recovery from substance abuse. SisterHouse refers women to Cara after they are well into their recovery process and when they are ready and motivated to achieve independent living through the power of a job.
Providing Opportunity
People who have experienced the legal system face unique challenges in achieving long-term success. That’s why we are proud to serve as a trusted workforce training partner of the Cook County Adult Probation Department. By providing a structured program and a strong employer network, we are well positioned to help these motivated men and women find the job they need to get back on their feet.

Other Partners
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