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About Cara
Training & Coaching
Development of workplace competencies like teamwork, time management, professionalism, conflict resolution, and communication.
Quality Jobs
Meaningful employment opportunities – in our own businesses and in the private sector – that align to our participants’ experience and interests.
Retention & Advancement
Intensive support to ensure sustained employment and ultimate career advancement – creating new beginnings for our participants and their families.
Our Proven Process A solution built over decades
Since we first got started in 1991, we have realized we are not your usual “job shop.” We are in truth a whole bunch more. Sure, we help people affected by poverty build the skills and the confidence needed to get – and crush – good jobs. But in doing that, we help people on this journey unlock something deeper within. Whether that something is as seemingly simple as more esteem, or as elusive as a career that can once and for all disrupt the generational effects of poverty, we are not just about jobs – we are about the sense of hope, the power of mojo, and the bounce of a new beginning you feel when one person’s power is finally in full effect.

Jobs Since 1991


People Employed Since 1991


Earned by Employed Cara Participants Since 1991

“I became homeless and slept on the Blue Line. That was 10 years ago. Cara is a life changer.”    
Ronald Cara Alum
“All I could think about is, the day I got out, I would be able to get you back.”
Pamela Cara Alum
“Cara has allowed me to see my purpose.”
Donald Cara Alum
"I know in my heart my journey’s not over."
Jill Cara Alum and Recruitment Specialist

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